Schönheitswettbewerb, 2016
Acrylic on found book pages
160 x 168 cm

An old German biology book, a biography of an Austrian opera composer and a German book on logic, all found in Berlin streets, are examples used as foundation for the following series of works. The pages are plucked out from the books, then joined together and covered with paint leaving visible some original content of the book: printed images, music clips, phrases or single words. The painted images come from the imagination of the artist as well as a strong reference to Brazilian art history. The geometry of the painting mentions works of Brazilian artists, as well as the painting of a plant, fruit, or landscape brings “Tropicalism” movement to mind.
These works revisit the concept of Anthropophagy that arose in Brazilian art in the late 1960s and was originally put forth in the 1920s. Anthropophagy is a metaphorical definition of appropriation; it is the fusion of traditional Brazilian culture with foreign influences in order to create something new and unique.